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Shipping Manifest Organization Tool

You can add your shipment information if you plan on keeping a printed record of your shipment.
The information entered on this page is not submitted anywhere.
BEWARE! Refreshing the page will cause you to lose your data.
Add barcodes using the green ADD box and if you need to remove samples or requisitions you can use the red REMOVE box.
The application will remove any non-numbers your barcode reader might add.

Enter the fields if you plan on printing for your records:

Shipping Date:
Airbill number:
Sample Type:

* The creator of this tool has nor claims any relationship to AstraZeneca nor Covance. I am just a person from a lab sharing the tool I made so that I didn't mess up my shipments. Maybe you will have an easier time shipping like I do!
Additional information can be found Here.

Requisitions and Matched Specs:


Unmatched Specs: